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NATO Days awarded at the EAC Convention again

06.03.2017, 14:55

The annual European Airshow Council (EAC) Convention associating organizers, participants and other subjects involved in airshows ended at Malta. Jagello 2000 was the only participant from the Czech Republic as an organizer of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, and for the first time also as a co-organizer of the 21st Tactical Air Force Base Čáslav Open Day. And it was again awarded the 3rd place in Media & Marketing category.

It is already the sixth award in this category in seven years, when NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days are presenting itself at the EAC Convention.

“Number of airshows in Europe steadily grows and we are proud that we still keep our event at the top. This award may seem unimportant for our visitors, however it has good influence on our reputation, people speak about NATO Days in a positive way and our partners perceive it,” notes Zbyněk Pavlačík, Jagello 2000 chairman. “So the visitors can see only the consequences of these awards through wide spectre of participants at the Ostrava airport.”

The EAC Convention, with participation of around 175 delegates from 22 countries, serves also as one of the main forums for negotiating participations at European events. “We did not bring only the award, but we also shared experience and findings with other airshow organizers, what can lead to improving of NATO Days quality. We have also met with foreign air forces officials, not only European ones. However, we do not publish unconfirmed information, so we can now say only one thing – we were leaving the Convention in a positive mood,” closes Pavlačík.

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