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Over 90,000 visitors attended this year's NATO Days regardless the weather

17.09.2017, 19:19

The 17th NATO Days in Ostrava & 8th Czech Air Force Days, which took place under very complicated weather conditions, have ended. Our thank you goes to all who participated in the event and who helped with its organisation. 

A shot from the T-72M4CZ main battle tank during the last dynamic display symbolically ended the second day of the 17th NATO Days in Ostrava & 8th Czech Air Force Days. For the first time in the whole history of the show, most dynamic displays of Saturday programme had to be called off due to bad weather conditions. Despite the ongoing rain, 25,000 visitors came to Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport. Altogether with Saturday turnout, 90,000 spectators visited our show.

This year's NATO Days, the biggest security show in Europe, provided numerous premieres of aircraft and ground forces equipment in both dynamic and static displays. Moreover, the fact that thousands of visitors came to the 17th NATO Days in Ostrava & 8th Czech Air Force Days despite the bad weather, shows how the event has a broad base of truly loyal supporters.

The high-level domestic and international prestige of NATO Days may also be seen in the participation of 16 countries, including three non-European ones: the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia. Overall, there was over 80 aircraft and over 200 pieces of ground forces equipment, which was for the first time in history presented by three countries at once: Germany, Poland and Slovakia, which took the role of the Special Partner Nation.Thanks to such position, visitors got the unique chance to see numerous equipment which have been publicly presented so far quite rarely, including aircraft from the Slovak Government Flying Service whose flypast on Sunday was enriched by the last public performance of the Tu-154 transport aircraft. Fans had also for the first time in history a chance to vote whether they wanted to see this aircraft in a dynamic or a static display.

The programme of dynamic displays in general could not be fulfilled completely due to very low clouds. Whereas on Saturday the fragmental cloudiness led us to cancel the performance of the Saudi Hawks aerobatic team, on Sunday all dynamic displays, except for helicopters and the Slovak Government Flying Service, had to be called off. “It is for the first time in history of the event when we had to take such decision. Not only the ongoing rain, but especially the low clouds did not allow safe dynamic displays,“ explains Zbyněk Pavlačík, the chairman of Jagello 2000, the main organizer of the show.

Despite these events, thousands of visitors attended this year's NATO Days and enjoyed the third weekend in September in symbol of military and civil-security themes.“All engaged parties did everything in their power to fulfil the programme to full satisfaction of visitors, which came to their favourite event. My thanks go to all of them, “ adds Pavlačík.

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